Top 3 Options for RGIII in 2021

By Pete Baxter What a long, strange trip it’s been for Robert Griffin III. Griffin took the world by storm as a rookie in 2012.  He beat out Andrew Luck for Rookie of the Year honors, and led the then-Redskins back to the playoffs during a Pro Bowl campaign.  Fast forward to 2015, and heContinue reading “Top 3 Options for RGIII in 2021”

Why Andy Dalton Isn’t the Worst Thing for the Bears

Earlier this week it was announced that Andy Dalton’s ride on the quarterback carousel had landed him in Chicago. This news was met with reactions ranging from disappointment to outright ridicule from a fanbase that had their hearts set on Russell Wilson.  These reactions are completely understandable, given the decades of mediocrity that have comeContinue reading “Why Andy Dalton Isn’t the Worst Thing for the Bears”

Does Ryan Fitzpatrick make the Washington Football Team favorites in the NFC East?

By Pete Baxter Last night it was reported that legendary journeyman quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick had agreed to a one-year deal with the Washington Football Team, worth up to $12 million dollars including incentives. While far from the highest profile quarterback on the free agent market, Fitzpatrick brings 16 years of experience to the table (nowContinue reading “Does Ryan Fitzpatrick make the Washington Football Team favorites in the NFC East?”

The NFL Mount Rushmore

Pete Baxter With Tom Brady’s unprecedented seventh Super Bowl victory at age 43 this year, it seems safe to say that he has cemented his status as the greatest quarterback of all time.  A strong argument can be made, using his combination of individual statistical accolades and team success, that he is the single greatestContinue reading “The NFL Mount Rushmore”

Fixing The Knicks Before the Deadline

By Pete Baxter The New York Knicks have been one of the biggest surprises in the NBA this season.  At 19-18 at the All-Star break, they are in fifth place in the Eastern Conference and have won seven of their last ten games.  Today, Brian Windhorst of ESPN reported that he believes the Knicks willContinue reading “Fixing The Knicks Before the Deadline”

Rumor: The Knicks are Interested in KAT

By Pete Baxter Tuesday, March 2, 2021 The New York Knicks have spent most of the past two decades as perennial underachievers and Eastern Conference bottom dwellers. There has not been a true superstar in Madison Square Garden since Carmelo Anthony’s prime, a prime that was largely wasted and saw little playoff success. The KnicksContinue reading “Rumor: The Knicks are Interested in KAT”

Joining Border Fuel Sports!

I’m ecstatic to be joining a quickly growing team of passionate sports content creators over at! I look forward to learning from an experienced staff of sports journalists and content creators, and can’t wait to share my love for the game through their platform. Please check us out for hundreds of articles covering topicsContinue reading “Joining Border Fuel Sports!”

The Raptors Gain a Unicorn: Getting Porzingis to Toronto

Pete Baxter 3-2-2021 With the news breaking that Mark Cuban and company may be open to shopping “the Unicorn” himself, Kristaps Porzingis, the collective spidey-sense of the Toronto Raptors fanbase (and hopefully the front office) has been tingling like crazy.  The Raptors need a true center, and ideally one capable of bringing the true trifectaContinue reading “The Raptors Gain a Unicorn: Getting Porzingis to Toronto”

Started a Podcast!

Hey everybody! I just wanted to drop a quick post to let y’all know I have officially joined the podcasting game. While this blog covers topics across virtually all sports, the podcast will be very specific, focused on Toronto Raptors news, rumors, and nonsense. Look for the Drunken Mascot Raptors Podcast on Youtube: Drunken MascotContinue reading “Started a Podcast!”