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Counting Down the Raptors’ Top Ten Shooting Guards of All Time

By Pete Baxter Having previously counted down the top five point guards in Toronto Raptors’ franchise history, it is time to jump right in and take a look at the greatest shooting guards to ever grace Raptors’ purple (or black or gold or red or white). To be honest, this list began as a top…

Counting Down the Five Greatest Raptors Point Guards of All Time

By Pete Baxter Through the Raptors 2.5 decades of existence, they have had some exciting highs, none greater than their 2018 NBA Championship victory. The Raptors and their fans have also battled through some of the deepest lows you can imagine, as a struggling, fledgling franchise through the late 90s and mired with such disfunction…

Six of the Greatest Rebounders Casual NBA Fans May Have Never Heard Of

By Pete Baxter Today I would like to give a shoutout to one of the most underrated, underappreciated player types in basketball: the rebounding specialist. It can be a dirty, violent job. They play hard in the trenches where elbows fly and noses shatter. These unsung heroes don’t get the attention and admiration that comes…

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